Twelve Selfies that Should Never Have Happened

Be careful with that selfie! You might end up taking and posting a photo that can come back to haunt you. Don’t believe us? Check out these selfie disasters and think twice before snapping that picture.
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Struggles of a Typical Family

A family does not separate all of a sudden. It must have issues beforehand that were not addressed. Since not everyone are favorable of families getting separated, it is important to know some of the common issues of the family so these issues can be addressed as early as possible.

Communication issues

Parents are too busy making money at work while kids are busy playing with their friends and their latest gadget. A healthy family has a healthy communication line. If a child has a problem at school, he can tell it to his parents at once. Parents can also share their frustrations at work to their family as a ways of dealing with the problem. If you think your family has communication issues, know the problem and try to improve your communication skills.

Time issues

Sadly, money and health are not the prominent reasons why there are broken families. Unexpectedly time is the most common reason why families break up. Parents don’t have enough time for each other. Parents also don’t have time for their kids. Kids don’t have tome with each tor and for their parents. Everybody is preoccupied with their own endeavors. The family must have time to bond and know each other better.


These are common issues that need to be addressed in the family. However these are not the only reasons that need to be addressed. It just stresses out the importance of communication and spending time with the family.

How Malls Can Be A Place to Bond as a Family

Kids usually love to go to the mall to bond with their friends. In fact, they will just go there to meet with their friends when their parents are not around to bond with them. They can do many things in the mall which is one reason why they love to go there. Parents should take advantage of this knowledge and try to bond with their children by doing the following activities together.

The first that they can do as a family is to eat together. One can find many restaurants in the mall so you just to choose some place where you can eat and chat at the same time. The most convenient choice would be fast food restaurants but if you want healthy choices, you can find one in the mall.

There is no better place to shop than the malls. You can time your bonding together when there are promotions and sales. You can shop together for clothes, gadgets and shoes. This is a good way to kid’s choices, preferences and likes. If you don’t have money to spend yet, window shopping is already a great way to bond with the family.

The mall is a public place and you can see a lot of people going there so it is a perfect place to bond and unwind together as a family. If you run out of ideas on what to do in the mall, you can ask the kids and they will surely know what to do.

Night Activities That the Family Can Enjoy

While it is good to bond during the day, you can also bond together as a family during the night. This only shows that when you are with your family, every minute and second spent with them must be moments filled with joy and happiness. Here are some night activities that you can spend as a family.

The most common activity that the family does at night is have dinner at a family restaurant. By dining together, the family members are able to get updates on each other’s lives and their present problems, issues and concerns. The restaurant doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s the time to gather and dine together as a family that matters.

If you are away on as summer vacation, walking by the beach together as a family is another great way to bond with the family. Walking by the beach gives you the opportunity to enjoy the moment and enjoy the beach at the same time. When you think you have walked enough, you can lie down the beach and do stargazing. You can point at your favorite constellation and once you find a shooting star, everyone has to make a wish. Without you realizing it, you already have a great time with the family.

Having a movie night is another great activity to do at home. You can choose the movie that will be enjoyed by the family and cook the popcorn together. You can even choose those that have a unique shape to make the popcorn more interesting.

Ways to Improve Family Communication

The family is the basic unit of society and this is where the children pick up their core values. However, this is not the case in many families. There are so many problems in the family today. Broken families are one of the most common family problems. Kids no longer have a father or mother figure to look-up to and they don’t have someone to really guide them as they grow up.

This can have negative effects to the children. According to studies, problematic children and juvenile delinquents can be directly attributed to broken families. Since they don’t pick up values from their family, they get their influence from the street and from their gangs. They end up becoming problems to the society.

As a family, it is important therefore to really be united through good and bad times. Parents must really work hard to stay together maybe not for themselves but for the sake of the children. They must have an open line of communication to their children. Parents should not be preoccupied with work. They have to stop for a while and really talk with their children.

They can ask for their accomplishments at school. By communicating, parents can correct and guide the kids on the right decision to make especially when talking about their values and behavior. Parents should also bond with their kids once in a while because this takes away the tension and helps clear any problems that they have in their communication line. When kids and parents have good communication skills, there won’t be any major concerns.

The Role of the Family

By definition, the family is the basic unit of the society. It is supposed to be the place where the kids are first taught and where they are trained to become responsible individuals of the society. However, this no longer applies today in many families. One reason is that the role of the family is passed to other institutions. Learning for example is no longer present in the family. All learning has been passed on and entrusted to the school.

Leisure time is not spent with the family. It is spent on leisure parks and theme parks. Others find leisure with the friends instead of having fun with their siblings. The person’s values are no longer coming from the family but in other areas of the society. The role of the family is no longer visible. It is time to look back and really know the role of the family to an individual.

The family is a place of learning. Children supposedly learn the basic from the family. They get to learn the letters of the alphabet, count from one to ten and identify the different colors. Aside from that, the parents should teach the children the core values such as respect and to treat other people in the right way. Even before the kids go to school, they already have their own set of values that they were able to get from their parents.

It is really important for parents to evaluate their own values because these values will be packed by their children, and you have to make sure that they pick up good values only.

Reasons to Give Kids Household Chores

Many parents complain that their children are very irresponsible and are very dependent to them. By the time they are forced to stand on their own like going to college, they are doomed to fail because they can’t make without their parents. Of course, parents want to give the kids comfort but if you don’t give them responsibilities when they are still young, they won’t learn what responsibility is and they would still be very dependent on you even if they are already big enough to make it on their own.

You must give them household chores when they are still young. This is not to abuse them with work but to really instill in their minds that without responsibility they won’t be able to make it in life. One advantage of having household chores is that they learn to own up their responsibility. They won’t play with their laptops because they know that they still have to water the plants and feed the pets. Slowly and surely, they incorporate household chores on their daily routines and they become more and more responsible.

They get to learn to do things on their own even if you don’t tell them what to do. They also make sure to do things the right way just like how you told them to do it. This trains them to really do their best in everything which can be a valuable lesson in life. These are reasons why you really need to assign household chores to your children.

Fun Games to Do With Children

There are many games that you can play with children. However, you want to choose games that are easy to do and will not require any equipment. You must also look for games that are fun and exciting to do so kids can really have a great time. Here are some fun games that can be played by children of all ages

First you can play hide and seek. You can start as the “it” so you can teach them the rules or if you want to emphasize what are not allowed in the games. You can also teach them the strategies to win the game. Once they are familiar with the rules and what are not allowed, the kids can take turns in becoming “it”. It is a good exercise for the kids because they have to run fast so they won’t be caught.

Paint me a picture is another wonderful game to play with kids. This exercise is great because it can foster teamwork and creativity. To play this game, the facilitator will teach the kids first how to sing the song. The facilitator will say, “Paint me a picture of”. The children will then say “I don’t know”. Then the facilitator will say what scene to act. The best team is the team with the most points.

There are still many games that you can choose from. The ones listed above are only some examples. You can still find games in the internet and look for the one that will fit your audience.

Travelling With the Family

There are many parents who are hesitant to organize a family trip. They think that it is a waste of money, time and resources. For them, making it to work is much more important than spending time with the family. Actually there are many advantages of travelling but it is a little bit costly. Nevertheless, the advantages weigh more than the cost so it is a worthwhile endeavor.

By travelling, parents are able to share a common experience with their kids. They have something to talk about and something to remember each other. This can be helpful when there is misunderstanding between parents and children. This can be used as a healing tool and by reminding them about the common experience, they be motivated to fix the misunderstanding.

Travelling can be a great motivation for the kids especially if they really loved to travel. They would have a different perspective in terms of their self-confidence, their disposition in life and can translate to better performance to school and any of their activities. When you promise them of a trip in exchange for better grades, they will surely comply.

There are still other advantages of travel including learning experience for the children, experiencing the different cultures of the world and encouraging their passion to travel. These are priceless advantages that no amount of money can ever pay for. If you are still have second thoughts of booking that trip, it’s time to press that button and really have a good with your family.

Why Spending Time with the Kids is Important

There are many parents who have become preoccupied with so many activities. This makes them less available to their kids and they spend lesser and lesser time with them. Most parents who do this always say that they are working hard for their children’s future and to meet both ends. They also have a point but there could be serious consequences to their children. Here are the reasons why it is important to spend time with the kids.

They’ll have an adult figure to look up to and they will have someone to give them a feedback about their actions. If you are out on business trips and meetings, chances are your children will do anything they want and they will feel they are right and justified. According to studies, most young criminals blame absentee parents or having no parents at all as the reason why they turned to crime.

If they have adult supervision, they will be corrected immediately. They will be corrected earlier. When they get corrected earlier, they will not develop bad habits. They will also have someone to look up to and someone that they can copy from especially the good habits.

In case they have problems, kids can immediately raise this to their parents. They will be given an advice on what to do and what is right. They can have someone to share their problems with. Those who have absentee parents are left on their own and when they have problems, they turn to drugs, alcohol and bad friends.